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'Tower Art Gallery are proud to announce 'COLOURS' the first all female, graffiti exhibition in Newcastle featuring artwork from CHOCK, LUNA, LYNS, BUBS, NEONITA, PIXIE, CANDIE, SHE and REZNIK.

Girls On Top crew, was formed in 2000, by Chock and Ned from Manchester, UK. At the time, there were very few girls painting graffiti. Their main goal was to unite and encourage other girls to paint, whilst having fun.

In January 2008, GOT had the first UK based, all female, graffiti exhibition at the Frisson gallery, in Canterbury. This year, in New York, they had their first international show. The exhibition was well received. Chock states that, "As a crew, travel and meeting new people is really important to us".

Girls On Top, clearly make a priority of travel and it shows, with graffiti paintings already notched up throughout Europe, China, Russia, the United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. As teachers and practitioners of the art form, they aim to spread a positive and fun message about graffiti, in an array of settings.

The latest exhibition from the female collective, opens for viewing on Friday, 1st of November, at the Tower Art Gallery. Girls On Top, will explore their individual and collective love of COLOURS!'.

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Ces53 is a graffiti and fine artist from Rotterdam, active since 1985 and quickly rising to become a graffiti king of Europe by the early 90's. One of the biggest trainbombers of his time, Ces53 is especially famous for his one man colour whole cars, keeping pace and painting alongside the renowned New York kings of his era such as Sento, Wane, Reas, Dash, Pure and CesFX. Parallel to an international career in graffiti, Ces53 first found classical oil painting in 1987 and went on to study at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam during the 90's. Here he refined his oil and acrylic techniques and started to make impressionistic and expressionistic works alongside conceptual modern art. Since 1999 Ces53 has also been studying sculpturing including jade carving, stone carving, ceramic working and metal casting in Guatemala, Mexico and Burma. Ces53 Graffiti Art Hammered gold silver coins for sale

Ces53, in collaboration with the Tower Art Gallery, are pleased to finally unveil a project several years in the making; the first ever currency, minted by a Graffiti King. Using ancient techniques that originate from the beginning of the monetary system, we have minted our own coinage using solid silver and gold.

In this time of financial turmoil and uncertainty, we offer the perfect opportunity for a safe investment by combining gold and silver with unique and collectable art. With the inevitable collapse of the Fiat Currency looming, there has never been a more appropriate time to question the stock market's precious metal price manipulation…

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Tower Art Gallery were recently paid a visit from long term friend, collaborator and Newcastle's own, Chibalove. Alongside an epic mural that now dominates our corridor, are fresh new artworks from the, not so distant, Chibaworld.

We are once again, proud to present, fresh new works by this artist. Chibalove has remained a heavy player for many years, in the world of outsider art. He continues to wow, with his other worldly visions and glimpses of beauty. Keep your ears to the ground, for more upcoming artwork and projects from Chibalove.

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Rowdy - 'Get Rowdy' Tower Art Gallery are pleased to announce, 'Get Rowdy', the first Newcastle solo show by the infamous UK artist. Known best for his trademark crocodiles, Rowdy has always used graffiti as a tool of resistance, since becoming an integral part of the Bristol graffiti scene in 1987. In recent years, he has become a key member of Burning Candy. A crew whose sustained outdoor painting campaign, has left a strong impression on many a surface, throughout the UK and beyond.

burning candy Rowdy art for sale

Having recently recovered from a fire that claimed both his home and studio, the artist has become more meditative in approach. This is realised in his series of abstract cityscape paintings. These will be displayed alongside other new works, combining an accomplished series of paintings, with his ever playful and unique take on urban living and landscape.

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PETRO - 'Age 39 3/4' An exhibition of work by british artist PETRO, an influential figure in international graffiti with a career of emptying spray cans around the globe spanning over 25 years.
Following recent exhibitions in London, Amsterdam and Stockholm we are pleased to have had PETRO as a resident artist here in Newcastle, for this our first solo show at Tower Art Gallery.

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In May 2012 we had our opening show at the new 'Guerilla Art Gallery', in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. A VIEW TO A KILL was a group show of graffiti photography featuring a spectrum of visual artists from across the globe.

graffiti art photography newcastle upon tyne

Included in the exhibition are; infamous graffiti photographers Alex Fakso and Ozkar Gorgias, right through to some of the most prolific vandals such as COPE 2 of New York, NUG of Stockholm, and many many more.

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